Keynotes & Talks 2015

ProductCamp is an unconference event where the session topics are submitted & run by conference participants.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule! One of the exceptions is the keynotes.

Transform with product management

We are pleased to announce our morning keynote speaker Megan Fisher – Director: Sensis Digital Foundation – who will talk Transform with product management.

For the past two years, Megan has been leading a large transformation program at Sensis. To Megan’s surprise, she found product management tools, skills and experience have been super relevant in managing the corporate transformation.

Running the transformation like a scaled up product development program, Megan will talk about the transformation, how they use key product management skills and knowledge plus how they use product management tools.

Megan has been in the world of product management for the last 20 years with experience in portfolio management, pricing, bundling, product development, UX and much more.

If only I’d had a tardis: Why you shouldn’t rely on time travel to manage your product financials

Announcing our second keynote speaker, Amanda Ralph – Head of Product at Kinetic Super, will talk us through why understanding your product financials is so fundamental to driving your product in both its strategic and tactical direction. Amanda will cover:

  • Understanding product value drivers
  • Translating value drivers into actionable portfolio metrics
  • Managing your BAU financials
  • Why good financial management will “buy” you influence and the ability to release value for innovation
  • It’s not just about shipping your product – why you need to understand P & L Basics


The other exception is adding some structure to the day via ‘themes’. After 2014’s Product Camp, we found using ‘themes’ effective and participant’s told us they got alot out of the quality of the talks as a result. So we are continuing with the approach this year to give you a bit more structure but leaving space for the ‘unconference’ we really are.

Check out our themes for 2015 and get your topics up on our Uservoice page even if they are still in the draft stages. The voting will tell you if it is worth pursuing!

Talks at Product Camp Melbourne 2015 will follow 3 topic streams. Each talk will be ~40 minutes long and should include time for questions. Interactive sessions are always well received. Slides are not required (though screens available if you want). So if one of the themes catches your eye please share it with us. Our 3 themes + style options this year are:

  • Theme 1 – Customer research
  • Theme 2 – Finance
  • Theme 3 – Product Management 101
  • Lightening talks – a shorter version than the main themes, aiming for 10 minutes with question time.

Before the Event

What do you want to talk about at PCamp Melbourne? Do you have an idea you’d like to talk about? Submit any ideas you already have here on Uservoice.

Also, vote for what topics sound great! You have 10 votes so use them wisely!

If you require specific A/V equipment, please let us know as soon as possible and at least by Monday, August 17th.

Day of the Event

The session topics for the day will be decided on the morning of the event using the already cast votes combined with a “dot-voting” system. Proposed topics including the topics submitted to UserVoice will be laid out for attendees to view and to vote on. Attendees stick their dots onto the talks they’d like to hear and the topic with the most votes will be provided a time-slot.

And, if you are a last minute type person, you can definitely suggest a topic or put your hand up to do a talk on the morning!

Session Guidelines

  • Sessions should be designed to encourage participation and discussion from the audience.
  • Sessions can be conducted as a presentation, interactive something or other, training course, workshop, or panel.
  • Topics aligned with the suggested themes are encouraged, but if you have material centred around best practices for Product Management or current hot topics then do feel free to submit them.
  • Sessions are usually 40-45 minutes long (including discussion) with a short break between sessions. If you wish to submit a Lightning talk these will aim for 10 minutes (including questions).
  • You can use powerpoint or prezi or keynote or whatever if you like but there are no slide pack requirements!

For information on previous years, see the list of speakers and talks for 201420132012, 2011, 2010.

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