Keynotes & Talks 2013

ProductCamp is an unconference event where the session topics are submitted by the participants and decided upon on the day.

The exception to this rule are the keynotes & we’re excited to announce both of our keynotes!

Guy Inbar has over 15 years experience in product development & management. He’s currently Head of Mail Product Management & Innovation within Australia Post’s Letters business.

Guy will share his experience about innovating and managing Australia Post’s letter business.

For our second keynote, Marc Galbraith will talk about ‘Jobs to be Done‘. Marc is a Lead Consultant ThoughtWorks. Marc has been practicing Agile Software development for over the last 10 years. As a coach he has noticed that now we are finally getting good at software, but designing software for great purpose seems to be a gamble. Marc also dips his toe in product management and wants to ask the question if we can make things really well, how can I make use of the talent in the most effective way to delight customers.

What is ‘Jobs to be Done’? Marc puts it:

What if I asked you this question: “What job did you hire that product to do?” Or as Clay Christensen once put it: “Gosh I wonder what job people hire a Milkshake to do for them?”

It’s a strange one which lead me on to a trip to New York. I sat in on a unique workshop and had my mind blown away as I pondered: “What is someone going to stop doing when they start using your product?”

I want to know how to design business models, products and services in smarter way. When you use a product or service it’s solving a problem, how do you describe that problem?

“Jobs to be Done” gives you a way of describing these problems products and services solve. It also helps give fresh perspective on innovation opportunities and see market disruptions just in time.

I would like to share what I’ve learnt and applied so far in this field hope to provoke some of you into investigate this for yourself.

Before the Event

What do you want to talk about at PCamp Melbourne? Do you have an idea you’d like to talk about? Submit your idea to UserVoice!

Also, vote for what topics sound great! You have 10 votes so use them wisely!

If you require specific A/V equipment, please let us know at least one week prior to the day – by Friday, July 12th.

Day of the Event

The session topics for the day will be decided on the morning of the event using the already cast votes combined with a “dot-voting” system. Proposed topics including the UserVoice! votes will be laid out for attendees to view and to vote on. Attendees stick their dots onto the talks they’d like to hear and the topic with the most votes will be provided a time-slot.

And, if you are a last minute type person, you can definitely suggest a topic or put your hand up to do a talk on the morning!

Session Guidelines

  • Sessions should be designed to encourage participation and discussion from the audience.
  • Sessions can be conducted as a presentation, training course, workshop, or panel.
  • Topics on best practices for Product Management, Product Marketing & current hot topics are highly desirable.
  • Sessions are usually 30-45 minutes long (including discussion) with a short break between sessions.
  • You can use powerpoint if you like but there are no slide pack requirements!

For information on previous years,  see the list of speakers and talks for 2012, 2011, 2010.

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