The second keynote announcement – “Do what you do best and partner for the rest”

Coming up first time slot this Saturday…

Inspiration, Re-Invention, Hackathons & Mashups

“Do what you do best, and partner for the rest.”

Jason Cormier from @SensisAPI will be discussing how combining your things with other people’s things can fast track innovation, increase productivity and deliver elegant solutions for your customers. Drawing on his experiences working with innovation teams at Lonely Planet and Sensis, Jason will discuss how the ‘mashup’ mentality has evolved and exploded with the rise of digital tools like APIs, open platforms, and hackathons.

This will be an interactive session – a key theme of the weekend.  Getting involved is more fun and rewarding than just sitting back and listening.

As a speaker Jason Cormier will be very informative to listen to as an experienced content syndication strategist and a strong advocate for open data and services. As a Partnerships Development Manager for the Sensis API, Jason is responsible for product strategy, marketing, and partner acquisition for one of Australia’s most prominent syndication platforms.