Call for speakers

We are making the call for speakers – we have been asking for topics here and a summary of those posted so far are listed here.

We will be running a speaker workshop on the 20th of July to share more info about what ProductCamp is all about, give you insight and tips about our audience and provide some prep tips and tools for presenting and facilitating.

Our fellow ProductCamp organiser Adrienne Tan from Brainmates will take you through the session. Adrienne is the co-founder of Brainmates, a Product Management training and consulting practice. She has been spruiking Product Management since 2004. Finally, companies have heard her message and are now realising that Product Management is a vital function in any healthy business. In her spare time, she keeps a number of loyal clients happy by helping them develop robust Product Management processes, solid product strategies and usable roadmaps. Her favourite project has been working on the alpha prototoype and making a video (with help from a video dude) for Malcolm Turnbull.

RSVP here.

Thanks to Level3 and Stax for hosting.

stax-logo-sponsorStax shines a light on everything enterprises need to know to be confident in cloud by taking out the guesswork and providing visibility, automated risk assessments, compliance and maturity, and recommendations for achieving best practice.


Level 3 LogoLevel 3 is all about bringing the creativity back to technology, by generating conversation within the tech community and facilitating introductions between start-ups and enterprises. At Level 3, ideas come to life.