Keynote: Influencing with Stories – Shawn Callahan


We’re excited to announce Shawn Callahan as a Product Camp keynote this August!

Shawn will talk about how to build your ability to share stories to influence your stakeholders. This will be a practical session where you will learn some new skills to find and tell effective oral stories.

Shawn Callahan is the author of Putting Stories to Work and founder of Anecdote, a global company that helps leaders with influencing and inspiring action with oral stories.

He helps leaders find and tell the story of their strategy, change, their company & values – and also the story of their product or service.

Anecdote works with companies such as Mars, Danone, Allianz, SAP, Tesco and Shell and delivers training for leaders in 20 countries and in 6 languages. Shawn has been working with organisational stories for close on 20 years and is regarded as a world leader in his field.

If you want to do some reading before Product Camp, grab Shawn’s book here.