Product Camp Melbourne – this Saturday!

Hi all,

This upcoming Saturday is the 6th annual Product Camp Melbourne!

If you’ve already RSVP’d, we’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! It’s a camp so things can change although we have a rough schedule.

Doors will be open from 8:30am for attendees (& breakfast will be served starting then!) We’ll kick off at 9am.

You can check out the suggested topics for the day and there’s still time to throw your hat in the ring. If you’re interested in leading a topic, you can add it to the list or even suggest it on the day (all topics presented are voted on by the audience).

If you have any questions please contact us on Twitter or Meetup or any of the other places you can reach us 🙂

Remember, after camp wraps up, we’ll have drinks. For those who want to continue on, many of us go for dinner. You’re welcome to come along.

See you on Saturday!