Wrap-up: Product Camp Melbourne 2014 (part 3)

This is our last summary post for Product Camp Melbourne 2014. Make sure you read Part 1, Part 2, the post on Product Management Tools and our keynote summary on Scaling Product Management. You can also check out the photos on flickr.

We hope to see you next year at the 6th PCamp Melbourne!

Using Lean Canvas as a communication tool for Business Groups, Product Manager, Engineers and Design – Humphrey Laubscher


Humphrey is passionate about the use of the Lean Canvas as a common communication tool which can be used as the anchor for all product decisions and development focus. In this session, Humphrey gave us an intro to the canvas & how it can help teams

Running lean and oiling the product ownership machine – Nadia Gishen & Adrian McInnes

Nadia & Adrian (aka Ginno) from PageUp People talked about the structural changes to their product & development teams and workflow which has included adding a product owner role, having a separate product strategy group and additional development resources. They shared their insights & learnings that become blindingly obvious to them once they stripped away process & overhead.

If you want to hear more about this talk, Ginno will be presenting at the Agile BA Melbourne Meetup on November 11th


  • It’s easy to add roles like BAs & Project managers in Agile teams – but true product ownership starts with the PO and a good PO will ensure that the team has a shared ownership of the product with the PO – enabling the whole team to make the best decisions for the product!
  • Product owners hate to fail. The people who become POs will be the people who keep on eye on the bigger picture and make sure that the whole team will deliver, as their success is dependent on the teams success. As people who hate to see the ball dropped, POs will always be there to back up the team members and ensure that the product is a success – that is why it’s been such a key role to develop within the team.
  • Road maps or just continuously adding value? PageUp People wanted to shift the development focus from projects & big roadmap items items into the idea of owning a part of the product and being able to make decisions every week that continuously add value smaller development items add up to big value

Adrienne & Liz start the final prize draw session of the day!

Brainmates gave away their ‘Essentials of Product Management’ course to this lucky guy, Peter.

Prize winners / SensorSix

Food Blogger’s Corner
Thanks to Roz for photos & food commentary!

To finish the day, Telstra Wholesale provided the last sugar rush to get us through another session, prize giveaway & the ability to walk across the street.

Afternoon Tea

Caramel and chocolate slices ( oatmeal base..suspiciously healthy)

We had to walk across the street to Sahara for post camp drinks and snacks that were being sponsored by Rich Mironov. & Mashery. It was a great way to end the day.

Arriving at Sahara post camp

Thank you to all our sponsors & prize sponsors! And another huge thanks to our organisers, the volunteers and everyone who attended!