Product Management Tools

At Product Camp Melbourne in 2010, Carrie Lowther & I faciliated a session on product management tools. Since then, there has been a series of product management software tools – to help create roadmaps & manage ideas & such. In 2010 there were only 1 or 2 in the market. I thought it was time to have another session to see if things had changed, if people were using the new tools or if Excel and Powerpoint were still incredibly popular.

This time, Adrienne Tan from Brainmates & Aaron Cottrell from Zendesk, helped to faciliate.

We had an initial braindump of what we use, what’s new & then started charting though the lifecycle. Later I realised we missed stakeholder management so if you’re interested in that, Brainmates has a blog post on Practical Tools for Stakeholder Management.

In that intial braindump, we included Trello (for to-do lists & to even help design your PM process), Basecamp (for file drops & helping to collaborate), UserVoice & GetSatisfaction, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, Email, Slack, PivotalTracker or JIRA (for backlog or storyboarding), Yammer (for collaboration & becomes a defacto source of documentation – for good or bad), Salesforce & Google Docs.

Idea Collection

  • Trello
  • GetSatisfaction
  • Uservoice
  • Twitter / User forums / Social Media
  • Win/Loss Analysis (incorporated into Salesforce & posted to Yammer)
  • Net Promoter Scores
  • Competitor Support lines (as in phoning your competitor)
  • Simple Mind –  a mindmapping tool

Idea Validation








Marketing Comms

Personal Productivity

  • Trello – to-do lists
  • Boomerang – for those using gmail, it schedules mails, sends reminders & does email tracking


  • Google Analytics
  • Using surveys for feedback like SurveyMonkey

What’s new?

We pulled together a list of new software – most of which we haven’t tried.  A few of the ones on the list below were prize sponsors at this year’s camp so hopefully next year we’ll have some people who can talk about their experience with the software.

Have others to add to this list?  You can do that in the comments below.   Thanks! Jen