Questions about Product Camp

We’ve had a few questions about this week’s camp so thought I’d pull them together here.

How does camp work?

Product Camp Melbourne is an un-conference. Other than the keynote, all sessions topics are driven by participants. The topics go on the wall to be voted on & which determines the day’s schedule.

How much does it cost?

Money wise, it’s free. We organise sponsors to pay for the venue & food so you don’t have to. Brain power wise, we encourage you to participate in discussions, be on a panel & even lead a talk.

Where is it?

This year is being hosted by Sensis in their building at QV. We’ll post a map soon.

What time does it start/end?

We recommend you arrive at 8:30am for check-in. Free coffee and breakfast will be setup so you can grab something to eat and drink while chatting with other attendees.

We kick off at 9am. We have a *rough schedule* but as it’s an unconference… it may change slightly.

The discussions end about 4:30pm. Everyone is invited to continue on for a drink nearby at Sahara bar. Drinks and food provided by our sponsor Intel Mashery. Later some of us go out for dinner.

What is talked about & how long are the sessions?

Sessions are attendee driven but obviously focus around product management, product marketing & the things that go into creating great products like communication, usability, frameworks, etc. Session topics have been posted on Uservoice & more will be coming on the day. Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes.

How long should I plan if I’m interested in giving a talk? Do I need to use slides?

Estimate 30-45 minutes per talk including time for questions or activities. It will depend on how many sessions we have over the course of the day but not shorter than 30 minutes.

You don’t need to use slides but you can if you want. We recommend sessions that are facilitated conversations, an activity, more interactive over talking to slides (of course, we understand slides can illustrate so let us know if you have any).

Won’t I get hungry?

Our sponsors will be providing breakfast, coffee, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & end of session drinks. We intend on keeping you fed.