Product Camp Melbourne: Talks

How will Product Camp Melbourne work you ask?

Product Camp Melbourne is 2 months away and we would like to let you know what to expect and what we are working on to make this a great day for you.

Product Camp is an unconference – this means the content and talks are by the community for the community. No sponsors talking at you pitching their own products, but talks within sessions decided by you. If you haven’t experienced Product Camp before, you can get a feel for it by reading last year’s wrap-up.

We are running the day this year with four themes to guide the submissions, but these will finally be decided by the votes from the conference attendees (YOU!). Our themes will be Lean, UX/design, Careers and Mystery Box. The Mystery Box is all about the surprises – what have we missed, what do you absolutely need to hear more about, and what is burning in your head right now.

Suggestions for talks should be posted to Uservoice and the community votes on what they would like to hear about.

You can get involved  in a few different ways:

  • Vote on the topic that appeals to you most that you would like to hear on the day, or
  • Want to lead a discussion or present on a specific topic? Post the topic on Uservoice (indicating the theme it is in) and whether it is a presentation or an activity, or
  • Is there a topic you’d love to hear covered but don’t want to lead that discussion? Post what you’d like to hear and note it needs a speaker, or
  • Suggest a speaker you think would be great to hear and what topic you’d love to hear them talk about

The Camp Organising group will reach out to you to help with shaping your session. They’ll give tips and suggestions from previous Product Anonymous events which will help you have a great experience presenting.

The top voted sessions will get an opportunity to pitch to allow the attendees to confirm the talks they want to hear on the day.

Other great things happening on the day – 2 keynotes, coffee, breakfast, lunch, and meeting passionate folk building products – all brought to you by our wonderful sponsors. More details on them and our keynotes to come! If you haven’t already RSVP to join us for a fabulous day on the 4th of October!