Welcome to ProductCamp Melbourne

ProductCamp is a free, participant-driven, collaborative unconference on topics related to Product Management, Product Strategy, and Product Marketing. Any participant can present a topic or run a group discussion.

You decide the topics, You pick the agenda and You participate.

On the day of ProductCamp, all attendees cast their votes for sessions and presentations they’d like to attend. Most popular wins – sessions with the most votes will be presented throughout the rest of the day. If you have put forward a topic, it is great to get the word out that you are getting involved, but it isn’t a guarantee that you will present as the community will decide the day, on the day.

ProductCamp Melbourne will be on the 20th of August of 2016. RSVP or submit a topic now. Check out more information on session formats.

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Lots of folks are interested in volunteering this year so we’re not taking more names right now.

We looking for the last sponsor or 2 sponsors to support the day. There’s some availability for morning & afternoon tea. Others like lunch, breakfast, coffee are taken. Reach out to us below.

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